How to manage your business during COVID-19

How To Manage Your Business During COVID-19 with the help of A Pro Copywriter



June 2020

The Coronavirus lockdown is a time to reflect on our work, home and life

I never thought my first blog post would be written during a pandemic, but here I am.

As millions of people are slowly emerging from their either forced or voluntary self-isolation, adjusting to this new reality can be tough. Coronavirus has covered the world in a blanket of uncertainty, fear, denial and other mixed emotions.

But humans are incredibility resilient and can quickly adapt – and thrive – in even the most adverse situations. With the economy running indoors, you’re left wondering how to manage your business during COVID-19, and make working from home safe, easy and efficient. 

What will the office of the future look like?

At this point, how Coronavirus will change the office of the future is anybody’s guess. But I find it hard to believe that it will go back to the way it was. As I see it, there are two options. 1) Say hello to high-walled cubicles. 2) There will be a shift towards remote working.

Working from home has had a significant impact on our lives. So much so, that 78% of people said that the lockdown has helped them get closer with their family and friends by keeping in touch with them via phone, social media or video calls.

So does working from home help sync the work-life balance?

Working from home during Covid-19 does have its challenges, like being expected to be constantly available and building a productive working space. But some positive sides can’t be ignored and will perhaps influence how we decide to work in the future.

Why copywriting is more important that ever

Seeing that most of the population is stuck indoors, people have a lot of free time on their hands. And what can businesses do to keep their customers engaged?

Well, through quality content that connects with them on a human level. Crafting quality content is the key on how to manage your business during COVID-19.

Here are three powerful things that you, as a business, organization or individual can do to keep communicating with your target readership, and how a copywriter can help you achieve your goals.

1. Stay connected

If there is a time to engage and (re)connect with your audience is now – while maintaining social distance measures, of course.

And you know what? You needn’t be afraid of being seen as insensitive for doing “business as usual”. Focus on making your products or services relevant to the situation.

Think of your audience. What do they like? Create quality content that can help, inspire or entertain them. In short, communicate your value through thoughtful content, whether it’s a blog article, social media post, or through a useful promotion.

2. It’s all about content

For most companies, their operations have virtually come to a standstill. Does this mean they their business is doomed and that they can’t engage with their audience? Absolutely not! Now more than ever, content is king. So take the time to create captivating blogs, articles, social media posts, run competitions and whatnot.

With everybody indoors, you’ve got millions of people now connected online who are looking for ways to keep busy and to entertain themselves. So get your creative juices flowing and ask a copywriter to help you create quality content that captures the reader’s attention.

3. It’s not all about sales

Now is not the time to adopt heavy selling strategies. Rather than pushing promotions and incredible discounts, repackage your products and services by focusing on their value and how it can benefit consumers.

It might be tempting to double-down on your ads and promotions, but people are looking for reassurance and comfort. Pushy sales under these circumstances are just going to put them off.

Tell me something I don't know

jordan-whitfield-4kewXN-htAg-unsplash (1)

Challenging as the situation may be, every organization and small business owner needs to cope with the current economic crisis AND prepare for what lies on the other side.

If creating content is not on your cards (though it should be), there are other things that you can do to keep your business strong and to make the most of this free time. Here are three ways businesses can turn quarantine into an opportunity.

1. Review and revamp your business

When you’re engaged full-time into your business, it’s both time and money consuming to stop all operations to review your physical or virtual infrastructure. 

So are there any improvements you can make? It could be from maintenance work, like repainting your office walls and redesigning your restaurant layout. What else? Review your website page, update your portfolio organize your inventory. If necessary, redesign your website to ensure that it is in line with your tone and brand.

Bottom line is: make the most of this free time to know how to manage your business during COVID-19.

2. Develop your skills

The truth is, before the pandemic, most of us led a hectic lifestyle. We were often too busy to invest in our personal and professional development. Guess what? Now is the time to learn a new skill! Whether it’s learning a new language or becoming more social media savvy, it will give your company a competitive advantage.

There are tons of free online courses and tutorials. Chances are you’ll find a bargain on paid products and courses – after all, these are hard times for everyone.

3. Share your knowledge

Show kindness and humility for your clients and communities. Offer tips and tricks of the trade, hold Facebook live events and enter into open conversations with your audience. 

We rise by lifting others, and it will serve you well in the long-run. Promise!


Conclusion: how to manage your business during COVID-19

Coronavirus has affected us all and forced us to reconsider how we work, live and interact with our loved ones and people. Knowing how to manage your business during COVID-19 is crucial for your company’s survival, and you need to know how to learn and adapt in these rapidly unfolding events.

Regardless of how we to weather the storm, it’s important that when we look back on these times, we’ll see that we reacted constructively and did the best we could to move forwards – both in business and in life in general.

Choosing a freelance copywriter who can effectively put your thoughts and ideas into words is half the battle. Once that’s done, finding opportunities to engage with your target readership through quality content won’t be difficult.

So, do you know how to manage your business during COVID-19? What are you doing to keep your business on track during the Coronavirus outbreak and staying connected with your audience?

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