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  • Self-employed
  • Business owners
  • Students
  • Anybody who has something to say

Are you stuck for words? Don’t know how to look and sound professional in your letters and emails? If you need to make a good impression, writing a professional letter or a personal email can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. If not done properly, it can go unnoticed and – in the worst-case scenario – reflect badly on you.

So my mission is simple: to help you write your email and letters. 


With industry over five years of industry  know-how, I take into account format, tone of voice and layout. Whether you need a sales, complaint or an apologoy letter, I offer an all-round professional letter writing service that gets your message across.


taking notes for writing business emails

Professional letters

Writing a professional letter or a business email doesn’t have to be boring and long-winded. Let’s keep it simple and engaging.

  • Complaints
  • Enquiries
  • Requests
  • Proposals
  • Sales pitch (Elevator pitch)
pen on paper_handwriting personal letter

Personal Letters

Don’t be afraid to talk about your thoughts, worries and concerns. How you come across is (clear and polite, preferably), is what matters the most.

  • Apologies
  • Thank yous

Cover Letters

It’s all about you! Don’t hold back. Showcase your best qualities and interests to make a good and long-lasting impression.

  • Visa Applications
  • Cover Letters for CV/Resumes
  • Job applications


I get it – every letter is unique with its unique personal touches. Consequently, the price depends on the complexity, word count, research involved, etc. To give you an idea, these are my going rates:

letter writing


/200 words

Business Sales Letters & Emails

Professional Letter & Emails

Personal Letters & Emails

Cover Letter For Visa Applications

Cover Letter For Job Applications

Proofreading & Copyediting


/200 words






Why choose My Professional letter writing service

typewriter for letter writing


Increase the chances of your personal letter being read and email being opened.

clear & concise

Get your message across in a clear and engaging format.

custom letters

Whether it's for professional or personal reasons, I ensure that the language and tone is appropriate to positively reflects who you are.

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