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For professional, business and personal affairs

Do you need a professional letter or email for work?

Do you need to send a personal letter and don’t know where to start?

Or, do you struggle to find the right words to get you noticed and come across the right way?


That’s when I come in (and take the words out of your mouth).

My mission is simple: to provide a custom letter writing service that makes you sit back,  safe in the knowledge that your letter or email is working on your behalf as it slides down the digital tubes into your reader’s inbox or is delivered by post.

Go ahead, breathe a sigh of relief.

Custom Letter Writing Services

What's available

Custom letter writing services

Professional letters

Writing a business letter or a professional email doesn’t have to be boring and long-winding. Let’s keep it simple and engaging.

  • Complaints
  • Enquiries
  • Requests
  • Proposals
  • Sales pitch (Elevator pitch)
Personal Letter Writer

Personal Letters

Don’t be afraid to talk about your thoughts, worries and concerns. How you come across is (clear and polite, preferably), is what matters the most.

  • Apologies
  • Thank yous
Professional CV writer Resume

CVs & Cover Letters

It’s all about you! Don’t hold back. Showcase your best qualities and interests to make a good and long-lasting impression.

  • Visa Applications
  • Cover Letters for CVs/Resumes
  • Job Applications
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)/ Letter of Motivation

Why choose Me

Helping you articulate your thoughts into words

Easy-Peasy Process

We can email, talk or text. I'm pretty flexible.
Either way, I'll ask you a couple of key questions - just to get a whole picture of what you're going through. I'm professional and discreet. At all times.

clear & concise

Should you say this? Should you add that? I know that writing a letter for yourself can be a time-consuming and intimidating task. And even if you're a great writer, it's often hard to say what you mean. As an outsider, I can capture the essence of your thoughts and get it in writing.

Your Letter. Your voice

Since 2017, I've provided a custom letter writing service for many, many people. I know how to ask without being arrogant, sell without being pushy, and complain without sounding like "a Karen".
Every letter is carefully crafted to sounds like YOU.

Who has used my Custom Letters

startups. Entrepreneurs. businesses. Individuals.

I understand that people have different reasons for needing a professional letter writing service. It could be work-related, a cover letter or a business proposal. Or, it could be for personal reasons, like a complaint or a thank-you note.

I even got an aspiring singer featured on MTV thanks to a motivational letter! But that’s another story…

Bottom line is, there’s little that I haven’t dealt with. Whatever your reasons, I’m to help get your message through.

Below are some of the clients and companies that I’ve worked with (just to name a few!)


I get it—every business and personal letter is unique. Consequently, the price depends on complexity, word count and research involved. To know how much your letter would cost, contact me for a free quote.

And if you just want to talk to to me before revealing the contents of your letter, that’s fine too. I’m a good listener.

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