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Hi, my name is Elena Vivaldo, and I’m a certified freelance copywriter, business writer and PADI scuba diving instructor!

In a world packed with information, clear and concise communication is key. The faintest trace of confusion, ambiguity and boredom can stop people from listening to what you have to say – never mind actually reading it. 

Busy people and well-informed consumers want straightforward and lucid information. There’s no two ways about it.

So, if you want to grow your business, raise your brand awareness and engage readers with high-quality content, a freelance copywriter could be what you are looking for. I’m here to help.

Elena Vivaldo Freelance Copywriter

What Can I do For you?

Pushed by my deep-seated curiosity and mix of interests, I dig my heels in and like to get to the bottom of things to distil even complex information into easy-to-digest copies. To some, I might seem stubborn, but how would you like to:

  • Connect with readers
  • Engage with consumers
  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Build trust
  • Increase your sales

I’m a freelance copywriter and business writer, and I use my skills to help your words stand out.

Let me know at what stage you are on your journey, and I’d be happy to discuss your needs and requirements.

Some of The Projects that I've worked on

Travel & Hospitality

Luxury Yachts: wrote compelling and elegant boat descriptions, and SEO titles & meta descriptions, for AlaTurkaCruises, a private yacht rental company that offers exquisite charter cruises along the Turkish coastline.

Resort hotel:  researched SEO focus keywords and wrote a detailed description for Alegria Dive Resort, a quaint accommodation in the Philippines, focusing on its beautiful location unspoilt by tourism or traffic.

Sports & Recreation

Scuba Diving, marine life, diving equipment, recreational sports, diving destinations, latest news, and more!

Each copy is based on my personal   experience as a professional scuba diver instructor and backed up by in-depth research. The end results are original and engaging copies with SEO keywords beautifully wrapped in enticing paragraphs. 

Retail & Commerce

Wrote an emergency tree removal press release for a tree service company in Long Island (NY) after winter storms increased the chances of falling trees and causing serious damage to proprieties and people.

Created heartfelt and tailor-made emails for customers and potential business partners of Epiphany Society, a luxurious supplier of “Made in Italy” textiles products that nurture the living space through elegant and classy designs.

Business Letters

Crafted a detailed formal proposal letter for ISSA, the global rule-setting organization that aims to promote street soccer around the world into one standardized sport. The proposal was sent to the Malaysian Government asking permission to host its International Street Soccer Tournament.

Wrote a highly confidential business letter to a high member of the Indian Government on behalf of Spilcare, an oil spill despersant company in india.

Internet & Technology

I’m a regular freelance copywriter for Acusync Technologies, a B2B supplier of information technology services from web design & development to SEO digital marketing. I’m in charge of writing compelling copies to help business get off to a flying start or to help them grow on their path to success. 

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