Copywriting for Non-profits – Use Your Skills To Fundraise & Help Others

Copywriting for Non-profits • Use your Skills to Fundraise & Help Others



My copywriting for non-profits experience with United for Autism – an NGO for people with autism

There are many ways you can support a cause. Whether it’s to protect animals, safeguard the environment or help people in need.

Usually, this involves either becoming a volunteer or making a monetary donation.

But I’ve recently discovered that you can also do copywriting for non-profits to help build a connection with inspiring people. And believe me, writing for charity is extremely rewarding. It’s like enjoying a firework display: awe-inspiring, powerful and beautiful.

It’s that good.

Writing for non-profits gives you purpose because you’re supporting a cause that you already believe in (no point if you don’t support the cause).

But as a writer, you’re on the fundraising and campaigning frontline. Your words can raise awareness and get people to care about a cause.

I’m going to say it. Non-profit copywriting is excellence in writing. There are no sales gimmicks. No hidden information. Just a cause and a hell of a lot of passion.

I’ve recently been approached by United for Autism, an NGO dedicated to empowering people with autism around the world. They’re the driving force behind some of the world’s best – and free – autism-friendly online tools and services. 

United for Autism is best known for being the developer of Zac Browser, a simplified web browser for children on the autism spectrum, which has over 6 million users worldwide.

Apart from writing their website content and blog entries, I also created the fundraising video scripts – the heart of any fundraising campaign. Plus, I’ve had the privilege of becoming a board member.

What follows are some extracts I wrote for United for Autism’s website, just to give you a few examples of copywriting for charity or non-profit.

Take away thoughts on copywriting for non-profits

Working with United for Autism is something I’m extremely proud of. Not only because it’s a good cause, but also because it’s a hard-won achievement. It’s an important milestone for any copywriter who wants to make a difference with their writing. 

After all, isn’t this what we want? To make a change and brighten up our society?

Want to get involved?

United for Autism has many projects lined up and is looking for volunteers to join their team. 

Afraid you don’t have the time or the right skills? Don’t worry. There are many ways you can help. United for Autism has a ridiculous amount of positive energy, and they’re all too happy to have volunteers help make the lives of people on the spectrum a little bit better.

Start by visiting to become part of something great. To make a monetary donation, go to


Many thanks and stay safe!

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