Choosing a copywriter: your questions answered

Choosing A Copywriter: Your Questions Answered



December 2021

Or, how to find the right copywriter for you and your business

Choosing a copywriter is a bit like finding a good web developer, dentist or plumber.

When you need one, there seem to be hardly anyone around. And even if they are popping up on your Google searches by the dozens, how do you know if they are really good? Good enough that you can trust them with your words (or teeth)?

That’s when you start a frenzied internet search for anyone who can do the job.

But still, it’s not easy. You’re not convinced. If anything, you’re full of questions like these:

Question #1: Can the copywriter capture the essence of what you want to say?

Feeling connected to the copywriter you work with is crucial.

If after exchanging a few emails or talking to them you feel like they’re a) not skilled enough or b) not bothered, then you better take your project and money elsewhere.

There are plenty of talented copywriters out there who can give your copy the creative angle you seek and, you, the attention you deserve.


How do you choose a copywriter?

Honestly, it’s not just about taking into account the copywriter’s years of experience but also about how you connect with them on a human level. Because when it comes to expressing your requirements, ideas and asking for revisions, you want someone you can talk to.

When you find a copywriter who’s “the one”, you just know.

good copywriter vibes

Questions #2: Are their copywriting services affordable?

The truth is, copywriting rates vary a lot.

Some bad copywriters (or very insecure ones) will charge you, say, a fiver to write your website copy. But no, it won’t be the same quality as a good copywriter who charges more.

Admittedly, both copywriters will deliver what you asked, but it’s like the difference between a portrait photograph taken by an amateur and a professional like Steve McCurry.

Generally speaking, copywriters who charge more are providing you with expertise you won’t find at a bargain rate. The service and benefits that a professional copywriter can offer will 100% outweigh the extra cost. Things like:

  • Advice & recommendations: a pro copywriter can answer your questions and share nuggets of knowledge about the best tried-and-tested copywriting practices that can benefit you.
  • Expertise: anything from SEO copywriting to technical writing.
  • Referrals: copywriters usually have a varied network of people around them. Need a web developer? A copywriter for a specific niche? An accountant? Just ask and they can probably point you in the right direction.

Question #3: What should you expect when working with a freelance copywriter?

Every copywriter works differently. Me for example, I’m a night owl. That’s when I’m most productive.

Anyway, how the copywriter approaches the project should be made clear to both of you. As clear as the smile you make when you remove your face mask (oh, the relief!).

Things you should discuss:

  • Scope of the project & briefing
  • Price & payment options
  • Delivery time
  • Drafts & amends

Remember, hiring a copywriter should save you time and energy. The more effort you both put into the initial stage, the better the end product will be.

Question #4: What if you don't like what they write?

This should be set out in your proposal. Copywriters will usually offer two or three rounds of revisions. Additional amends will be charged extra.

Make sure to take the number of revisions into account when choosing a copywriter.

Where does this put little me?

Elena Vivaldo Copywriter

I write well-researched copy and great content your customers will love.

I’m an experienced SEO copywriter who works with entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals all over the world.

I run a one-woman business, meaning that I’m responsible for every piece of content that I churn out. That’s how I guarantee the highest quality – time and time again. It’s how I keep clients coming back for more.

How choosing a copywriter like me will benefit you

When it comes to experience, I’ve got a tankful.

I’m a pro at researching even complex topics and turning them into easy-to-digest copies. Anything from web copies, blogs, social media posts, press releases, business letters, CVs…you name it!

Although I specialise in travel, tourism and scuba diving, I also write about fashion, sustainability, art and even autism-friendly technologies.

Check my Google Reviews and LinkedIn recommendations to find out why clients love working with me.

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