How to become a copywriter: My freelance copywriting story [interview]

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How to become a respected copywriter: My freelance copywriting story [interview]


One interview, 36 questions, and a bunch of lessons on how to become a copywriter. Interview with outdoor journalist Johanna Flashman.

I’m Elena Vivaldo, a freelance copywriter and welcome to my blog. 

So, how do you become a copywriter?

Every week I get emails and messages on LinkedIn from people all over the world asking me for tips and advice on how to get into copywriting, find clients and make a decent living.

This is you right?

  • A young Uni student.
  • A mom who wants to get back to work after raising the kids.
  • A tired employer who wants a career change (especially post-covid).
  • Or a business owner who wants to manage (or at least have a say) in the creative writing process.

Of course, you want to learn how to be a copywriter.

And if you go freelance, then you can enjoy flexible working hours while working from home – or from anywhere in the world. Plus, you get to work on many exciting projects in different industries.

But a lot of people want to become copywriters without a degree, which makes the concept of getting some work experience even more daunting.

Hint: I started freelance copywriting with no real experience, no portfolio and college degree.aaaaaaa

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Inspiration and ideas on how to start your copywriting career.

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So when people ask me how to become a copywriter, I’m scared to answer. Who am I to advise others?

Truth be told, there is more than one way to find work as a copywriter or content writer. Because the type of copywriter you want to be will mostly depend on your strengths, interests and work/life commitments.

For example…

  • You’re studying to be a nutritionist – that could be your copywriting niche.
  • Want to work on projects that empower and support women – go for it.
  • Can only work on weekends – why not?

Up until now, I’ve rarely shared details of how I became a certified copywriter, how I find well-paying clients and how I charge for my copywriting services (psst, I’m affordable).

But I know how upsetting and stressful it is to find good-paying gigs, so when Johanna Flashman asked me if she could interview me, I said YES.

Because when I started freelancing 4+ years ago, working from home was practically unheard of. So if there’s a good thing that came out of lockdown is remote working.

So, who is Johanna Flashman?

Johanna Flashman is a journalist, writer and SEO strategist. She also holds the key to The Freelance Outdoors Woman (TFO) archive, which is full of interviews with other women freelancers in the outdoor industry. As well as writers, there are podcasters, photographers, graphic designers, web developers, etc. All women. All freelancers. And all bloody good.

In this Q&A session, I share MY journey as a copywriter for businesses and solopreneurs.  How I started. How I got into travel and scuba diving writing (and other niches), and a bit about SEO copywriting.

But in all honesty, it takes a long time to become a freelance copywriter. I wouldn’t have made it without the support of my family, and I’m thankful to Johanna for featuring me on her website <3

So I’m sharing this interview in a sense of camaraderie and support. Hopefully, it will give you some practical advice on how to start freelance copywriting.

Your turn

Want to become a copywriter? Read my interview with Johanna Flashman.

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